mentorships with mary

for the growing boudoir photographer

our work is more than just pretty photos...

we are helping women do transformational work in their lives. what an honor.

hey, I'm mary

I started my boudoir business after becoming a mom and going through postpartum for the first time. once i realized i could help women feel empowered - i was hooked. i've been shooting for a few years now and have scaled my passion into a 6 figure business, with a successful studio in the arts district of downtown minneapolis. i am passionate about helping other boudoir photographers succeed because i believe our work is profoundly important. we empower in the women can go change their lives.
so whether you catch me at the feyre workshop i host with ashley jackson, or you are interested in a 1-on-1 mentorship with me - i am honored to help you level up your business to impact & serve more women across the globe. 

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what's included

  • 2 day mentorship where you will get all of the same things from an in person mentorship 
  • plus the next day you get your own boudoir photoshoot to experience the real thing yourself! 50% off mCP's digital collections or 25% off full collections
  • 1 hour business audit
  • 1 hour guided shoot with a model
  • model release to build portfolio
  • 1 hour live editing together

  • up to a 2 hour zoom call
  • live editing tutorial on your photos
  • covering editing, posing, marketing etc.

full mentorship session

in-person mentorship

virtual mentorship


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i'm proud of you for investing in your business

I know that making business decisions is an important and thoughtful process. I know you have a lot of options. I am honored to be considered.

And my promise to you is that I will invest alongside of you. when you trust me with your business, i take that seriously and give you my full attention, honest opinion and any creative direction I see as an outside, experienced perspective.

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"I did a mentor session with Mary virtually and if there were 10 stars to give instead I would! She was so helpful for me and my business, she answered all the questions I had and provided me with things that helped me really bring my photography to the next level!!"
-Rikki-Renee Brousseau

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I did a photography mentorship with Mary and I can’t rave about her enough! She first off is just an amazing human with the best heart. She was so helpful and open about everything boudoir photography. I was so inspired and have been putting so much in place. It truly didn’t feel like a mentorship, more like chatting about photography with a friend! I will definitely do another mentorship again with her as I grow in my photography career. Everyone needs Mary in their life. -Nicole. N.